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Progress and development in the 21st Century depend, we believe, on the ability of people to adapt to and work in a global and multicultural environment. Pedagogical instruction alone cannot create global citizens. A broad-based educational experience with an international approach is therefore necessary. Studying at a quality educational institution in a multi-cultural environment provides the right blend. It combines academic excellence with diversity awareness, and opens the doors of the mind to newness, impartiality and integrity.
The Beehive Educational Society seeks to provide additional equipment, programs and opportunities which will enhance the students' academic and artistic development.
The Beehive College of Management & Technology runs under the aegis of Beehive Educational Society which is offering educational programs and curricula which cater to the specific needs and demands of today's professional life. The College provides a high quality, multifunctional technical education to the youth giving them better employment opportunities in a highly competitive job market.

List of Programmes
Undergraduate Programs
  • Bachelor of Education

Dr. Satyendra Singh (HOD)
M.Sc. (Zoology)
B.Ed., M.Ed.
Ph.D. (Education)-2008
Teaching Experience: 6 Years
Mrs. Swatantrabala Panwar
M.A. (Sanskrit, Geography) M.Ed.
Teaching Experience: 41 Years.
Mr. Sanjeet Kumar
M.A (Geography, Education), B.Ed.
Teaching Experience : 2 Years.
Mrs. Sarita Dhiman
M.Sc. (Zoology, Education) B.Ed.
Mrs. Subhashree Tripathy
M.A (Education, Pol. Science)
M.Phil. (Education)
Mrs. Charu Gupta
M.Com M.A (Education) E.Ed.
Mr. Neeraj Kumar
M.A. Ecnomics M.Ed.
Teaching Experience: 2 Yrs
Mrs. Parul Vasudev
M.A. English B.Ed.
Teaching Experience: 18 Months

Course Outline
Bachelor of Education
Each student has to study four compulsory papers along with two method papers, besides each student has to study one optional paper.
The detailed course outline for the students of B.Ed. is as follows.
Paper 1 Teacher in emerging Indian Society.
Paper 2 Development of the teacher and the teaching learning process.
Paper 3 Development of Education system in India.
Paper 4 Essentials of educational Technology and Management.
Methods of Teaching
   Social Studies
Optional Paper
   Environmental Education
   Career Information and career guidance.
The duration of the B.Ed. course is one academic session (One Year).