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M.Sc. Chemistry

The Masters programme in Chemistry offer you an opportunity for in-depth study of Chemistry over a period of two years. They are particularly for you if you are interested in taking Chemistry on into a career or a Higher degree. We offer a new range of program that we believe will be of interest to you.

Duration of Studies:
The course duration is two years. The course consists of some theoretical course work with substantial experimental practices. The award of the degree is based upon the performance of the student in theory as well as in practical following the rules and regulations laid down by the H.N.B.Garwal University.

Bachelor's degree (B.Sc. or equivalent) with chemistry as one of the subjects with at least 55% marks.

About the Programme:
The MSc Chemistry program is mainly focused to prepare students for a career in science-related business and administration and for innovation and enterprise from a chemical perspective. In addition to knowledge in Biological Chemistry, Organic, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry or Design and Synthesis, students obtain competence with respect to organizations, people in organizations, and establishment and management of processes.
The program also supports the needs of students who are seeking a liberal arts education and development of their knowledge and skills in chemistry. Students who successfully complete the program are able to enter the local, national and international workforce.
The master's program is designed for graduates in chemistry or a closely related discipline who wish to specialize in Medicinal chemistry, Drug metabolism, Organic, Inorganic, Physical and Biological Chemistry. It offers a conversion route for graduates with no previous experience of analytical chemistry.

Programme Focus:
Research and Development (R&D) fields in biotechnology, in the following activities:
• Embryo transfer in animals
• Early diagnosis using monoclonal antibodies
• Applied microbiology
• Biogas
• Single cell protein
• Enzymes and antibiotics
• Plant growth inhibitors
• Natural products
• Cloning
• Protein solvent concentration
• Bioreaction
• Gene isolation
• Biological nitrogen fixation.

Career Opportunities:

After successful completion of the master program, students have extensive knowledge of the structure of molecules, reactivity of molecules, the course of biological processes and design and synthesis of molecules. Students have tremendous opportunities after successful completion of this course. They can enter in a wide variety of industries including:
· Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical industries
· Food and Environmental management,
· National and International laboratories
· Regulatory authorities and instrument companies. A significant proportion of MSc degree holders go on to study for a PhD at various Indian and Foreign Universities or other institutions and become eligible for faculty and scientist positions.